Eurosystem report on the public consultation on a digital euro

Executive summary – The ECB public consultation on a digital euro

On 2 October 2020 the Eurosystem published its “Report on a digital euro”. The report formed the basis for seeking wider views on the benefits and challenges of issuing a digital euro and on its possible design. The report was followed by the “Public consultation on a digital euro”, which was launched on 12 October 2020 and ran until 12 January 2021. The consultation included 18 questions aimed at collecting the views of both citizens and professionals. The first part was aimed mainly at citizens in their role as users, while the second targeted primarily financial, payment and technology professionals with specific knowledge of the economics, regulation and technology of (retail) payments. However, respondents were invited to provide feedback on the full set of questions.
This report sets out the results of the analyses of the 8,221 responses submitted by participants in the public consultation. It will serve as important input for the ECB’s Governing Council when it decides in mid-2021 whether to launch a formal investigation phase in view of a possible launch of a digital euro.

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